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Comparing this to the easy bonding he had witnessed as people and their dogs mingled happily together at that caf, he decided that with approximately 40 million single pet owners in the US alone and millions more who don’t own but who do love pets an online community to help pet lovers connect with each other for companionship and romance would be a winning combination. The website has been a huge success, with thousands of people across the United States and other countries joining the free service to look for love, dates or even just friendship.Its popularity has been such that it has started hosting offline events, such as a Valentines Day Singles Party for pet lovers.

Then he stumbled across Animal and although never having tried internet dating before, he decided to give it a go.Founder of Animal, one of Americas most successful dating websites for pet lovers, Cohen first realised the power of dogs at breaking down social barriers when he stumbled across a caf in his Washington neighbourhood with an outdoor area for dogs and their owners, and was amazed by the atmosphere of warmth and friendliness.He was reminded of this when his friends persuaded him to try an online dating service and he found, to his frustration, that he was unable to make a connection with any of the strangers listed.With several successful relationships heading down the aisle, it looks like the website is doing a good job.Power of canine cupids Jim Borck and Amanda Shimko certainly believe in the power of canine cupids.

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