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The actual requirements of federal law are often (intentionally) formulated on such a high level that in practice, the banking regulator does end up specifying the actual rules.Say, for example, a federal law requires that banks "take reasonable measures to impede money laundering".Pay Pal for the most part is not a fractional lender when you have a 1000$ in a Pay Pal account Pay Pal has to reserve the full amount, Pay Pal isn't protected from a run over by central banks and what limited protection it has is probably performed by underwriters at not the most beneficial of terms.If some one is opening a donation account for ISIS, anti LGBT or w/e you might call an "unpopular cause" and that either causes them a huge PR headache or worse a government decides to freeze those funds they lose a lot of money.

They're incredibly capricious, and as far as I can tell have taken the stance that overcaution is always acceptable.Because Pay Pal doesn't want to lose money from customers that use their complaint system or worse through chargeback from the credit card companies.As far as donations for dubious causes goes well if they think that it will either lose them business due to reputation, or worse lose them money if a government decides to freeze those funds they will cut it off.As one of many practical examples, when dealing with a legal entity such a trust, merely identifying its officers is insufficient -- you must also identify the beneficial owner (BO).Effectively, this means that you have to look through all possible shell companies until you arrive at a natural person.

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