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To assist its activities and programmes, the DI manages a library of over 65 000 titles in over 20 languages, in the field of international relations, European Studies, security, international organizations, diplomacy, law, history, sociology, political sciences, economy, etc.of the Diplomatic Institute is an important part of the accomplishment of its mission, within its public policy.To respond to the need of high-quality training, we focus on interactive and practical sessions and have as trainers Bulgarian and foreign diplomats, university professors and other highly qualified experts, providing the benefit of a broad range of opinions and approaches.Among our major training programmes are the courses for the MFA trainee attaches and consular staff, foreign language training, courses for diplomats, representatives of the public administration and of the NGO and private sector in the field of regional issues and security, energy diplomacy, economic diplomacy, environment, public diplomacy, diplomatic protocol, as well as tailor-made trainings for foreign diplomats and our traditional Winter School of Diplomacy.The Institutes national and international partnerships with government, research, NGO and academic institutions is visible in the implementation of joint projects and exchange in the field of training, research and public activities and EU policies.A strategic task of the DI is to provide comprehensive analyses by internal and outside experts on international topics to meet the needs of the MFA and to enhance the expertise in foreign policy theory and practice.

To enhance our public outreach, we aims at strong media and digital presence, and maintain our own radio broadcast, a webpage in Bulgarian, English and French, Facebook and Twitter account.The programme is oriented towards the student and academic community, as well as civil, non-government and business organizations, research centres, public institutions, etc.Its main purpose is to involve the Bulgarian public in the world of diplomacy and foreign affairs through introducing it to its various aspects and provoking interest, and also to develop cooperation with public circles.Dear friends, The year 2013 marks the Tenth Anniversary of the Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute.As its Director, I find this a pleasant and exciting occasion to address with words of gratitude those who have contributed all these years to the successful accomplishment of its mission as the first national diplomatic academy in the 135-year history of the Modern Bulgarian State.

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